Clear Your Record — Part 2: “Interests of Justice” Declaration

If you have not yet submitted Part 1, fill it out here. You must submit both parts for your application to be processed.

Before the judge will consider the post conviction relief request, you will need to show the judge why your request should be granted “in the interests of justice.” This guide may help you in preparing the declaration.

Take responsibility for the offense.
  • Briefly explain the circumstances that led to the offense.
  • Explain any violations to the sentence or probation.
  • Explain any new offenses that may have occurred while serving a sentence.
Provide the reason you are requesting relief.
  • Employment
    • You can include letters from current or prospective employers
  • Housing
  • Professional License or Certification
  • Growth
    • Note if you have any certificates of improvement, diplomas, degrees, etc. that you can provide us.
Explain why you feel you merit the requested relief.

Provide examples of your positive contributions to the community, such as school, teams, church, volunteering.

You will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your declaration. If you have any supporting documents, please reply to the email and attach them.

You can also mail or drop off any materials you would like to include with your petition to the address below:

Public Defender
Post-Conviction Unit
323 W. Court St.,
San Bernardino, CA 92415

For assistance, call the Public Defender Post-Conviction Unit at (909) 387-7050 or send us an email.

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