Last month, Public Defender Thomas W. Sone participated in the Millennial Roundtable. Public Defender Sone participated in the first session: Public Safety “Live Together” alongside Community-based organizations and law enforcement members. During the session, the panel discussed how the San Bernardino County can improve community relationships and the need for transparency. Each panelist offered different perspectives on how they believe this can be achieved.

Read the Millennial Roundtable’s Mission Statement below:
Our City Our Way – As a body of concerned community leaders & members, our coalition firmly believes it is incumbent upon us to start the conversation with stakeholders, including local elected officials, business leaders, and local activists, on strategies to revitalize, equip and activate our community. The Millennial Roundtable is where the work begins. It is where together, we will help launch cities on a restorative path by empowering, engaging, and informing multi-generational communities, with emphasis on millennials.