Our department held its first Mobile Defense Program event on Tuesday, May 21, offering essential legal services to residents in the unincorporated community of Landers. This innovative program aims to provide equitable access to justice across San Bernardino County.

The Mobile Defense Unit, a state-of-the-art RV with remote access to San Bernardino Superior Court, assisted many Landers residents with clearing bench warrants, removing outstanding fines and starting the record-clearing process. Public Defender Thomas Sone emphasized this initiative’s importance in addressing remote communities’ needs.

“We have the largest county in the nation, so we are trying to develop creative ideas to provide direct assistance and relief to the community,” said Sone. “Accessing the courthouse can be a challenge for residents in remote areas. The Mobile Defense Program aims to mitigate these challenges by bringing legal services directly to these isolated areas,” Sone added.

During the Landers event, the Mobile Defense Unit resolved over 80 cases from courthouses in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino and the Morongo Basin. The resolution of pending cases helps remove barriers to employment, such as driver’s licenses holds, thereby improving each client’s overall quality of life.

The positive response from the Landers community highlights the importance and need for legal relief services in impacted areas. The Mobile Defense Program empowers individuals with direct access to justice and will continue to be a recurring presence across San Bernardino County.

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