The Law Offices of the Public Defender San Bernardino County is a county department that is staffed with attorneys licensed by the State Bar of California. The attorneys who handle cases in court are called Deputy Public Defenders. In addition to attorneys, the Public Defender employs Investigators to fully investigate cases handled by the Department. Our investigators have an average of 21 years of investigative experience. The Department also has a staff of social workers and support staff to provide the best representation for clients.

The Public Defender will be appointed to represent any criminal or civil commitment defendant who cannot afford to hire an attorney, unless the office has a legal conflict of interest with that defendant’s case. The Public Defender represents adults and juveniles charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes, and persons facing involuntary civil commitment for mental disorders or commitment under the Sexually Violent Predator statute.

The Law Offices of the Public Defender San Bernardino County is a leader in innovation, developing and implementing programs to operate more efficiently and improving individual lives. Using a holistic approach, the Public Defender seeks to increase client opportunities for achieving self-sufficiency. In addition to providing legal defense, our agency also seeks to arrange client access to social service programs and assistance with receiving alcohol and drug rehabilitation services and counseling for mental health issues.


We are grateful and proud of recognition for our efforts by various organizations. This is a tribute to all of our staff members who, in addition to their regular duties, often volunteer their time to charity and community assistance organizations.
Below is a list of some of the awards we have received:

  • National Association of Counties — Achievement Award
    • 2022 | Mental Health Diversion (“MHD”)
    • 2022 | Probation Training – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Harm Reduction Fundamentals when Engaging Youth With Complex Trauma
    • 2021 | New Hope / Abundant Living Church
    • 2020 | Children United Through Empowerment (C.U.T.E.) Program
    • 2017 | Everyone SWIMS (Self-Sufficient, Well-Being, In House, Mental Health, Services) Program
    • 2016 | Gateway Mock Trial Program
    • 2016 | Law Day Program
    • 2015 | AutoFACTS: An Automated Case Management System for the Law Offices of the Public Defender
    • 2015 | Removing Every Barrier and Rehabilitating (REBAR)
    • 2012 | iPad Project
    • 2011 | Alternative Approaches to Rehabilitation within the Community (AARC)
  • California Public Defenders Association — Program of the Year Award
    • 2015 | Removing Every Barrier and Rehabilitating (REBAR)
    • 2012 | iPad Project
    • 2010 | Alternative Approaches to Rehabilitation
  • California State Association of Counties — Challenge Award
    • 2020 | Virtual Court Program
    • 2013 | Making Attendance a Priority (MAP) (video)